Discover our inhouse digital platform : A smart instrument to maintain excellence

Our inhouse smart transit platform is a digital supply chain solution that monitors and directs activities across the end-to-end supply chain to make it efficient and visible.

Our platform is not only supporting us to insure a good plan execution while maintaining visibility throughout shipping process but acts as a dashboard that guarantee proactivity and insights.

Developed by our inhouse IT engineers and supported by our logistics experts , our “smart transit” platform will optimize your logistic with advanced visibility for achievement.

It will also generates the provision of series of facts and insights that lead to better proactivity and better future decisions.

Multifunction dashboard to guarantee our achievement and success

STTS focus is customer services performance and getting the job done. We ensure that your goods will arrive at the correct destination on time and simultaneously save you money in the process by eliminating all avoidable costs. STTS offer seamless communication from the beginning to the end and are adept with the process of documentation.

We combine experts and technology to ensure that cargo is delivered on time.

STTS is providing a tailored service to their customers. We quickly identify and develop our IT system to respond to any change in their supply chain or any request from our customers to improve our order cash process.

Having said we have an intuitive platform customizable to our customers’ requirements and no applicable IT developments fees.

A place to control your supply chain at a glance

As the complexity of the supply chain grows, the need for tech solutions with increased transparency and visibility for better decision making grows too.

Through Our smart transit platform together with our customers are able to real time trace, monitor, and get pertinent information throughout the logistics process and consequently make smarter and more proactive decisions.

Our customers will be have access to all their past , ongoing and their future shipment in one single place our customer will no need to thing how to archive their shipments files(invoices documentations fees delivery orders ect) .Simply We will do it for you with ability to access it at glance.