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International Investment Conference "Tunisia 2020" The Tunisian National Dialogue Quartet receives the 2015 Nobel Peace Prize Aggreko Mobilization Project : The STTS team has proven its expertise in international freight forwarding during the Aggreko operation ***

Main Activities

Custom Clearance and Inland Delivery

STTS lets you take control of your imports to   Tunisia by streamlining the import and customs brokerage process. We provide fast and easy customs clearance through all ports and airports of Tunisia via our exclusive electronic data interface. We go the distance to ensure your goods are cleared, delivered and in your hands as soon as possible.  
We are the bridge between shippers, Tunisian customs and receivers.

Inland Delivery

STTS completes the importation process for you by taking charge of the final delivery of your goods, anywhere in Tunisia. 
Through our intensive domestic network, our importers can find reliable and professional inland shipping services to all Tunisian region.

Port Agency

The port agency service provides for comprehensive services clearing ships in and out of ports, including communication with customs, immigration and other authorities.  Also calling for various services such as provisions, bunkering, water, waste, repaires, crew changes, medical services etc.  We basically serve all types of vessels, such as container-, bulk-, supply and tug boats -, research- and cruise vessels.


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